How to pass a technical certification

18 / 07 / 2020

My name is Smaïne I was a cab driver for 7 years, now I’m a developer and I obtained two Symfony certifications and the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. 🚖💻

I pretty much did the same preparation for my first Symfony certification and the AWS certification. 🏆

In this post, I’ll give you some tips to pass this kind of technical certification. ✅

Before the Exam

Preparation is the main key to success, the goal of certification is to ensure that the certified mastering his topic and the best way to mastering a topic is to practice especially if you don’t have a good memory.

*Anytime you feel you not confident with a topic create sandbox project and kick in, try everything that you need to know. For me, practice is the best way to learn without memory effort.

  • Read articles and watch videos from various content for the same topic. It’s good to see the same thing with a different approach, it can help to better memorization

  • Go deeper, It’s not enough to fly over a subject but it is necessary to deepen it

  • Buy a small notebook and take notes of what you find difficult to remember or the important points, highlight important words or sentences.

  • Do not stay alone, find a partner with whom to revise at least to start, it’s the same thing like motivation to go to the gym, at the beginning you need someone to push you and motivate you then over time you no longer have need to be boosted and you can go alone.

  • Don’t stop the preparation and be patient! Prepare a technical certification is not a race but a marathon, you should not stop during your preparation because you risk to forgot many learned things and you may have to restart and it’s painful and a big factor of demotivation

  • Keep going, you probably have a good reason to pass this certification, keep this reason in your head and hold on to it.

  • Get organized, split what you need to learn in months, weeks, days … This allows you to know where you are in your learning path and can help you to know when you can pass. There is no place for improvisation, every day you should know what you will learn today. Try to revise daily on the same niche, 1 hour every day is better than 2 hours every 3 days…

  • Consider the failure as an option, it will decrease pressure. The most important thing on a trip it’s the journey, not the destination. You will learn a lot of stuff during your preparation and it will not disappear if you don’t pass! If you should retain one thing from this post, remember this!

During the Exam

  • No stress, remember our last point, consider the failure as an option.

  • Don’t answer with precipitation, take your time, if you’re not sure to mark the question as a review if it’s possible

  • Don’t choose the right answer but choose the least wrong, the certification questions are full of traps, pay attention to each word and read the question more than once.

  • When you have finished answering the questions, reread your answers because an answer or a clue to a previous question can be given in a question.

I hope these tips will help you, if yes, I’ll be happy if you let me know your success on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it, don’t forget to share it 📲

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it, don't forget to share it !
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